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Hokusai-kan & Japanese Garden (Day Trip to Obuse and Suzaka)
Throughout the year
7,600 JPY - 22,500 JPY

Visit Japanese gardens

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Making the most of your precious time and resources to create an authentic, fabulous experience and unforgettable trip.

Going abroad, experiencing different cultures: what is it that you will take away from this?
We at Authentrip aim to provide you with what makes a journey truly authentic: surprises and discoveries, adventures and awe, casual encounters and new friendships.

The Authentrip team is made up of a variety of experts: from specialists in tourism planning and operations to consultants with a wide network of connections to local tourism associations across the country.
As you are investing the time and money to visit Japan, we offer you trips that have been carefully crafted base on the opinions of experts: discarding the cheap tourist traps and typical itineraries to showcase instead local destinations with unique Japanese charm. A trip giving you the BEST value for your money.

Furthermore, we ensure that the price of your tour will not include any unnecessary costs. We will steer you in the direction of the very best deals on everything, from accommodation to transportation or anything else you may be interested in.

If you are after the cheapest deals and run of the mill tour, then Authentrip is perhaps not for you.However, if what you are after is to make the most out of your time for the most reasonable price travelling to this faraway country, then look no further!Authentrip promises to provide an extraordinary and memorable experience for your discerning eye.

Authentrip’s Policies

Choosing unique locations over popularity

Unique sights, one-of-a-kind experiences, and local cuisine- we aim to provide you with an itinerary unlike any other.
Japan is a country surrounded by ocean, and divided by mountains, which sees great climate variation from the north all the way to the southern tip. In the same way, tradition, nature and local customs also differ significantly from place to place.
Authentrip carefully chooses destinations that may not be well known overseas, but are well worth visiting and have charm that is highly unique to the region and will color your journey leaving lasting impressions.

Providing personal time
Your trip is yours to enjoy. Your time in Japan is limited and we know that you would prefer to avoid small talk with other tour members or suffer a generic tour guide script when you would much rather be left to appreciate things on your own terms. For this reason, the large majority of Authentrip tours are unguided private tours. Our tours do not make use of tour buses or group dining facilities: your time is your own whether it be spent with your family, partner, friends, coworkers, or by yourself.
Travel Authentrip when you want to travel at your own leisure!
(*some exceptions may be public transportation, or cruises, etc.)
Enhancing your enjoyment of Japan
To avoid wasting your precious time and energy on trying to catch the right bus, or lugging suitcases up and down subway stairs, or trying to find coin lockers in busy stations, we can help optimize your itinerary. Our tours cut down on complicated routes and include taxi or car rentals, as well as any itineraries that can be easily done on foot. With Authentrip, sightsee worry-free!