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Nagano (incl. Nozawa, Matsumoto and Tsumago)

Nagano is full of delicious local specialties and many different kinds of enchanting places. Here are some of our recommendations for your next trip to Nagano Prefecture!

Places to visit:
・Zenko-ji Temple
・Matsumoto Castle
・Lake Suwako
・Kamikochi Highland Valley
・Karuizawa Resort Town
・Shigakogen and Hakuba Ski Resorts
・Nozawa Onsen and Yudanaka Onsen Hot Spring Resorts

Local Specialties:
・Shinshu Soba Noodles
・Pickled Nozawana – A leaf vegetable

To find out more about Nagano, please visit the Go! Nagano Official Travel Guide run by the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association.

Photographs courtesy of Nagano Tourism Organization.

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Historical Nagano (Day Tour of Zenko-ji with Shojin Ryori)
Throughout the year
11,300 JPY - 18,000 JPY
Tour code : 0027Z
From US$103
Hokusai-kan & Japanese Garden (Day Trip to Obuse and Suzaka)
Throughout the year
8,700 JPY - 15,700 JPY
Tour code : 0028H
From US$79
Art, History, and Onsen in Nagano! (2 Nights)
Throughout the year
68,000 JPY - 95,500 JPY
Tour code : 0051N
From US$618
A Japan Odyssey (9 Nights+JR Fares)
Throughout the year
419,000 JPY
Tour code : 0055T
From US$3809
Your Epic Adventure in Japan (11 Nights+JR Fares+Miyajima)
Throughout the year
489,000 JPY
Tour code: 0057T
From US$4445
A Japan Odyssey (9 Nights)
Throughout the year
380,000 JPY
Tour code: 0058T
From US$3455
Your Epic Adventure in Japan (11 Nights + Miyajima)
Throughout the year
452,000 JPY
Tour code: 0059T
From US$4109
Fabulous Gero Hot Springs, Nagano and Gifu (3Nights)
Throughout the year
98,900 JPY - 131,500 JPY
Tour code : 0070T
From US$899

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