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Wakayama (incl. Kumano-Kodo)

Wakayama Prefecture is part of the Kansai region of Japan. It is rich in history and culture. In fact, the word for a kind of Japanese poem, Waka, is part of its name!

Wakayama Prefecture is full of delicious food and amazing places to visit too. Here are some of the local specialties and sights that the Authentrip team recommends!

Local Specialties – a taste of Wakayama :
・Mehari-zushi (A rice ball wrapped with pickled mustard greens)
・Kue (A firm and flakey fish called longtooth grouper in English)
・Umeboshi (Pickled plum) – they are often placed on top of white rice in bento boxes. This makes the rice look a bit like the Japanese flag, don’t you think?

Top Sights in Wakayama Prefecture:
・ Kumano Kodo(Ancient pilgrimage routes in the Southern Kii Peninsula)
・ Wakayama Dentetsu and the cat station masters
・ Shirahama Onsen

To see more information on Wakayama, please visit the Official Wakayama Travel Guide.

Access to this area

[To Access Nankai Wakayamashi Station By Train]

・About sixty minutes on the Nankai Main Line from [Nankai Namba Station]

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