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There are so many great sights to see in Osaka Prefecture and it is famous as a gourmet paradise! These are some of our recommendations:

Top Sights
・Osaka Castle
・Shin Sekai and the Tsuten-Kaku Tower
・Universal Studios Japan
・Umeda district of Osaka City
・Namba district of Osaka City
・The Dotombori district of Osaka City

Local Specialties
・Takoyaki octopus balls
・Kushi-katsu (deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers)
・Tecchiri (fugu pufferfish hot pot)

To see more information about Osaka, please visit the Osaka Conventions & Tourism Bureau website here.

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Tours to the same area[ 10 ]

Pilgrimage Route of Koya Kaido & Koyasan (2 Nights)
Throughout the year
65,500 JPY - 95,000 JPY
Tour : 0054K
From US$595
A Japan Odyssey (9 Nights+JR Fares)
Throughout the year
419,000 JPY
Tour code : 0055T
From US$3809
Your Epic Adventure in Japan (11 Nights+JR Fares+Miyajima)
Throughout the year
489,000 JPY
Tour code: 0057T
From US$4445
A Japan Odyssey (9 Nights)
Throughout the year
380,000 JPY
Tour code: 0058T
From US$3455
Your Epic Adventure in Japan (11 Nights + Miyajima)
Throughout the year
452,000 JPY
Tour code: 0059T
From US$4109
Local Charm of Shobara and Majestic Miyajima (2 Nights)
Throughout the year
57,900 JPY - 75,500 JPY
Tour code : 0071H
From US$526
Pilgrimage Route of Koya Kaido & Koyasan (1 Night, 2 Days)
Throughout the year
36,900 JPY - 50,500 JPY
Tour code : 0072K
From US$335
Unforgettable Experiences in Western Japan (9 Nights)
Throughout the year
330,000 JPY
Tour code : 0073L
From US$3000
Artistic Spirit & Stunning Nature of Western Japan
Throughout the year
465,000 JPY
Tour code : 0074N
From US$4227
Artistic Spirit & Stunning Nature (Including Naoshima)
Throughout the year
489,000 JPY
Tour code : 0075N
From US$4445

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