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Shobara- a land one and a half times the area of New York City, yet with only 1/200th of the population. It is the portrayal of a classic landscape of Japan; endless stretches of rice paddies and a town where even locals can claim not to have brushed passed another soul in a day.

Standing roughly hallway between both Shimane’s Izumo-taisha Shrine and Miyajima's famous floating torii gate (Itsukushima-jinja Shrine), Shobara is a sight unlike any other tourist destination in Japan, far from famous castles, old samurai residences, and Japanese gardens.

Rather, you will find an abundance of historic sites that pre-date the rise of nobles and samurai. Amongst these is Hiba-yama – a mountain, located North of the town, said to be the mausoleum of the goddess Izanami, who gave birth to the islands of Japan long before the discovery of Christ.

Shobara's list of wonders does not stop here. From Onbashi, one of the world’s largest natural bridge formations, to megalithic structures and Ashitake-yama Mountain, which scholars recognize as the Japanese ‘Pyramids,’ Shobara is a place where countless ancient mysteries await.

Shobara- a place where the mythical era lingers. Why don’t you escape the hustle and bustle of the city and discover a place unlike any you’ve seen before?

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World Heritage + Michelin 3 Stars: Beauty & Spirit of Japan Tour
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Nature Trekking and Unique Local Charm of Shobara (1 Night)
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