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The Gold Coast’s glittering sea and sunshine, Bretagne’s profusion of fresh seafood and the beauty of Northern Europe’s intricate coastline, all these attributes come together in Ishinomaki, Minamisanriku City and Kesennuma; the Minamisanriku region of Japan.

Out of Japan’s several ria coastal inlets, it is not only the marine based leisure activities such as fishing or cruising but also the scenery of encroaching mountain ranges right on the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean’s heavy seas and coastline that draws so many people to the Minamisanriku region. Moreover, the region has some of the unique sights such as the millennial shrine of an isolated islet, mountains turned completely red by a profusion of blooming azaleas, a residence from the Edo era that appears frozen in time, a ship that was sailed by a delegation of the Pope during the Middle Ages (reconstruction), or the museum supervised by Japan’s infamous “Shark Lady” which you can only discover, feel and experience here!

On March 11 2011 at 14:46, a massive earthquake and huge tsunami struck this picturesque region. It is now infamously known as the Great East Japan Earthquake. The entire region saw extreme damage with almost all of the coastline’s buildings washed away and turned into a mountain of debris.

Many years later...
The disaster left deep scars that have yet to completely heal. However, amidst the heartache people have courageously stood up and little by little taken steps towards recovery. Minamisanriku has begun returning to its former splendor and you can now once again have the same fantastic experiences the region used to offer.

Now is the time to embark on a journey of experiences and emotions!
Bring a suitcase full of curiosity, a heart full of camaraderie and let’s head out to make new discoveries!
The residents of Minamisanriku are guaranteed to welcome you with a smile from the bottom of their hearts.


To those who associate the tsunami disaster with nuclear radiation: the Minamisanriku region you will visit is about 150km from the nuclear power plant, which is roughly the distance from Geneva to Lyon. The levels of radiation are being closely monitored and the latest measurement in Tokyo is on par with radiation levels in London and Paris. The radiation levels of marine life are also being monitored. In the past year none of the measurements taken have exceeded the safety standards.


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