General inquires

1.What kind of website is Authentrip?
The Authentrip website offers charming tours to out-of-the-way places that are unknown even to the wider Japanese public.
2.Is there any registration fee or annual fee?
There are no registration or membership fees. Please feel free to use this website.
3.Is it possible to reserve a flight on the website?
Only the sightseeing tours can be reserved on our website.
4.Is there an airport pick up service if I reserve a tour?
Generally, travelers arrange their own transport to the designated meeting point. However, we can help arrange transportation from the airport if required. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
5.Can special arrangements be made for vegetarians or for those with food allergies?
Availability of special dietary arrangements differ at each hotel and restaurant. Please advise us well ahead of time if you have any special dietary needs.
6.Can Authentrip provide support for my visa application?
Authentrip is a sightseeing tour operator. We CANNOT provide support for visa applications

About reservations

1.Is it possible to reserve a tour at any time?
Yes, you can make a reservation 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
2.Is it possible to reserve a tour after I arrive in Japan?
As long as a tour reservation is available, you can make a reservation regardless of where you are in the world.
3.Do I have to make a reservation in order to join a tour?
Yes, you must have a reservation in order to join a tour.
4.How many days in advance do I need to reserve a tour?
The application deadline varies for each tour. Please call or check the webpage for individual tour application deadlines.
5.Are the tour dates stated on the website in the Japanese time zone?
Yes. Tours date, meeting times etc are all stated in the Japanese time zone(GMT+9).
6.What should I do after making a reservation?
An email will be sent to the address you registered on the Authentrip website. Once you have received the confirmation email you will be able to access your detailed tour voucher via Authentrip MyPage. Please remember to take a copy of the voucher with you to the meeting point on the day of your tour
7.Is it possible to review my reservation details?
You can confirm your reservation details via Authentrip MyPage
8.There is no information about the tours accommodation.
For tours without accommodation information, travelers are required to make their own arrangements. Please check the website for a list of recommended accommodation for each tour destination.

About the tour

1.Do I need to bring my voucher to join the tour?
Your tour voucher is REQUIRED for identification purposes. You can find your voucher on MyPage. Please bring it with on the day of your the tour.
2.Where should I wait at the meeting place?
The voucher issued will include a detailed description of the meeting place and time. Please refer to the voucher for these details.
3.What happens if I do not make it to the meeting place on time?
If you are running late a staff member will stay behind to wait for you for UP TO 1 hour (late fees apply). However, please note that no refunds will be given for any activites that you miss out on due to your own tardiness.
4.Is it possible to stop at a spot of personal interest during the tour?
Generally, we follow a set tour schedule. However, if there is a place you wish to see that is not too far removed from the general route of the tour, we can arrange to have it added to the schedule. (NOTE: additional fees apply)
5.What should I do if I get lost during the tour?
Emergency contact information is provided on your tour voucher. We also provide this emergency contact information at the start of the tour. Please refer to this information in case of an emergency.

About the payment

1.Can I pay by cash?
We only accept payment by credit card in Japanese yen.
2.Can I pay by credit card?
As we use Paypal, you can use credit card.
3.Is there any discount available for the tours?
Depending on the tours you wish to reserve, a group discount may be available
4.Can I pay on arrival?
Payment must be made in advance. Same day reservations and/or payment is not possible.

About modification and cancellation

1.How can I modify my reservation (tour type, number of people etc)?
You will need to cancel your original reservation via MyPage and make a new reservation.
2.How do I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation via MyPage. However, please note that cancellation fees apply to reservations cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled tour date. For details, please refer to the「travel conditions 」(http://authentrip.jp/rules/).
3.Am I eligible for a refund if I am unable to join the reserved tour?
Generally, we do not provide refunds for customers who cancel for personal reasons. In cases of natural disasters or unforeseen accidents, we are able to issue a refund. For details, please refer to 「travel conditions 」.(http://authentrip.jp/rules/).

Frequently asked questions

1.Can I request a customized tour?
Let us know your interests and we will work to make you a customized tour. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
2.Is it possible to arrange for a tour guide?
In special cases we can arrange a guide or helper for tour members. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
3.Are there any problems if I cannot speak Japanese?
Our tours are designed so that you can enjoy yourself even if you cannot speak Japanese. For travellers who wish to study some basic Japanese tourism phrases beforehand, we can recommend some study tools (fees apply). Please feel free to contact us for further information.