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Washoku. Wa-sho-ku. That’s quite a mouthful. There are so many kinds of Japanese cuisine included in that one word.
From the ever-popular staples like ramen and okonomiyaki to the internationally known classics like sushi and tempura.
Whether you are lifting the lid on an extravagantly displayed boxed meal like a Shokado Bento, treating yourself with some highly refined Kaiseki cuisine, or savoring the vegetarian-friendly Buddhist cookery known as Shojin Ryori; there truly is no end to the joy of experiencing washoku here in Japan.

What better way to discover new kinds of washoku than to take a trip to somewhere new?

You can get a bowl of ramen for around six dollars almost anywhere in Japan. But you can try so many varieties in each region! How about butter flavored ramen in Hokkaido? Or the famous ramen served in pork bone tonkotsu soup found in Kyushu?
As you move from region to region, the ingredients of a dish may vary a little even if its name stays the same.
The traditional dish of ozoni is enjoyed in practically every home in Japan on New Year’s Day. It’s a soup with sticky mochi rice cakes and vegetables - but the ingredients and flavor are completely different from area to area. So, if you ask someone what they have in their ozoni every New Year, you can probably tell what part of Japan they come from!

There are some local specialties that are just too good to miss out on. Gifu has a unique kind of sticky rice on a skewer covered in sweet sauce called Gohei Mochi. And Okayama is the only place where you can try a tasty fish called mamakari. Coming across an ingredient or a cooking method which is only found in one particular region of Japan would make a precious memory, don’t you think?

There is more to Japan than just Tokyo and Kyoto. If you strike out on your own path to somewhere new, there is bound to be some local specialty waiting for you there. Japan is so full of spectacular cooking that you could easily take a trip all around the country for the sole purpose of trying new things to eat! At Authentrip, we want to help you find that special dish that tastes like it was made just for you.

Finally, we have one little piece of advice to give you.
There are still a lot of people in Japan who can’t speak any foreign languages, so many restaurants will only have a menu written in Japanese. Some restaurants here may become famous in other countries just because they have an English menu, even if they don’t offer a genuine taste of Japan.
No doubt, having an English menu offers some customers piece of mind, but we at Authentrip really want you to enjoy an authentic Japanese culinary experience. You have taken the time to come all the way to Japan, after all.

So, how can you tell if a restaurant offers the real thing or not? One dead giveaway is whether the restaurant specializes in one dish or not. Even if a place isn’t especially big and even if their prices are pretty cheap, if they specialize in one kind of dish then it will be the most delicious.
For sushi, head to a specialized sushi restaurant. For tempura, go to a place that only serves tempura. They really know their stuff. Try ordering something delicious from a restaurant like this. Even if you have to gesture to make your order. It can be a fun part of your adventure in Japan.

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