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Admire Autumn Leaves

The beauty of nature as each season passes is celebrated in Japan.
The famous colors of the fall leaves, like on the momiji (Japanese maple) tree, are among the most beloved seasonal delights the country has to offer. In much the same way that spring is symbolized by cherry blossoms, the transformation of the leaves is a well-known feature of the Japanese landscape every fall.

The colors of the leaves change throughout the Japanese archipelago, starting in the chilly north and moving down to the warmer regions in the south. It’s as if the wave of changing leaves is a brocade – like an obi on a kimono woven together from threads of countless colors to form a beautiful pattern. The leaves have never ceased to fascinate people.
In fact, we know that the changing colors of the fall leaves have been beloved in Japan since ancient times because they were the inspiration for classical Waka poetry from long ago.

But why are autumn leaves adored so much in Japan? Why are they considered the most beautiful in the world?

Well, this is because Japan actually has the most kinds of deciduous trees of any country in the world. Canada, with its famous Maple Leaf Trail, only has thirteen kinds of deciduous tree. And there is about the same number to be found in Europe.
But Japan has twenty-six. Yes, a grand total of twenty-six kinds of deciduous tree!
This is how Japan’s autumn leaves are so multi-colored and spectacular every year.

Whether they form patchwork in the mountains or look like a blazing red in traditional Japanese gardens - or even when they finally drop from the trees and make a carpet underfoot as you take a stroll - wherever you go in Japan this fall, the leaves will be there for you to admire.

Now then, where shall we go to see some fall leaves this year?

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