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Soak in a Hot Spring

In Japan, thanks to lively volcanic activity, wonderful hot springs can be found across the country.
Depending on the area, their colors, scents, and mineral content can differ. Hot springs called 'beauty baths' make the skin smoother, while at hot springs that can aid the digestive system, vessels for drinking the water are offered.

There's fun to be had not only in the differences in scenery, but also in experiencing these differences in the attributes of hot springs.
In Japan, there's even a certification for 'hot spring sommeliers.'

Unfortunately, though, there are many hot springs where tattoos are forbidden.
The majority of people with tattoos in Japan are yakuza (gangsters). The point of this rule is to keep yakuza out.
We know this is a shame for people for whom tattoos are a means of expressing love or creativity, and we hope you won't be offended.

So, what to do if you have tattoos?
The most common thing to do is to cover them with large bandages or athletic wraps.
If you're willing to splurge a little, other ways include 'reserving a hot spring for families' and 'choosing accommodations that include a hot spring.'
There are even beaches where you can dig your own hot spring, where this rule doesn't apply.

Japan's hot springs offer a wealth of variety.
At Authentrip, we are going to introduce hot springs from across the country.

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