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Trekking, Traditions and Scenery (Day Trip to Mt. Oyama)

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15,500 JPY


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Koma Sando (Shopping Street)
Koma Sando is full of all sorts of establishments, including Japanese diners, cafes, ryokan inns, and souvenir shops. We recommend dishes using tofu cuisine, a local specialty, for lunch. The soba noodles available here are delicious as well and certainly worth a try. We recommend the traditional Japanese toy known as the “Oyama Koma” as a souvenir. It can be played with as a toy or used in interior decorating to easily enjoy a Japanese feel in your own home. The colorful cloth blowing in the wind on the front eaves of the shop known as a nuno-maneki will almost certainly give you a sense of relaxation.

Oyama Afuri Shrine - Shimosha (Lower Shrine)
The Oyama Afuri Shrine is said to have been constructed approximately 1,200 years ago and has been a center of faith from days of old. In the Edo Period (1603 – 1868), the common people created religious organizations known as kou and regularly made pilgrimages to both Mt. Oyama and Mt. Fuji. In addition, Mt. Oyama, on which the Oyama Afuri Shrine is located, is a famous mountain itself and has been depicted in both the Japanese traditional art form ukiyoe as well as the oil paintings of Vincent van Gogh. On a clear day, one can even view Mt. Fuji from this mountain, and this spectacular sight is definitely worth viewing!

Mt. Oyama Trekking
Experience an approximately 150-minute long trek from the shimosha (lower shrine) to the summit of Mt. Oyama! This trek (mountain climbing) can be enjoyed by beginners as well. There are a number of sightseeing spots to see along the way on the trek, including splendid Japanese cedar trees and adorable Jizo (guardian deities of travelers and children). Visitors can also enjoy taking pictures in a spot allowing a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji. Enjoy a trek up the mountain and experience the abundant nature of the area. Receive some of Mt. Oyama’s pure water (drinking water) as a present!!!

Let's Try Ukiyoe Printing
Ukiyoe prints began to spread among the common people around 1680 and are a traditional Japanese art form. Mt. Oyama has been featured in more than 200 Ukiyoe prints from the Edo period alone, including from well-known artists such as Hiroshige Utagawa and Hokusai Katsushika, as well as paintings by van Gogh. Now you can try your hand at these ukiyoe prints for yourself!! The process is quite simple. Feel free to take your finished ukiyoe print home with you as a souvenir by which to remember your travels.

Available to Book Throughout the year

Price Per Person(Adults)
15,500 JPY
Tour Operating
Minimum number of participants
1 Persons
Tour Start Point
Underground ticket gate of the West Exit of Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Electric Railway.

* Price for one Adults
(prices as seen on our booking sites. If you book through other services, the price may vary)

*What’s Included
・English Speaking Guide
・A Little Gift
・Special Experience Of Ukiyoe
・Special View(Especially clear day)

Booking Deadline
7 days before the tour starts
About Cancellations
Tour Operated by

*Please note that tour itineraries may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Tour Start Point
Underground ticket gate of the West Exit of Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Electric Railway.
How to get to the Tour Start Point
[By Train]
The meeting point for this tour is the underground ticket gate at the West Exit of Odakyu Shinjuku Station. This is in the Shinjuku Terrace City complex.

・From JR Tokyo Station - about 15 minutes by JR train
・From Kyoto - about 3 hours by Shinkansen and JR trains.
・From Nagoya - about 2 hours by Shinkansen

[Access from Tokyo Airports]
・From Haneda Airport - about 1 hour by JR and Tokyo Monorail
・From Narita Airport – about 90 minutes by JR Narita Express
Tour Start Time
Tour End Point
Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Electric Railway
Time Required


Tour Plan

Tour Plan

Day 1
08:45am Meet at Shinjuku Station Meeting Place: Underground ticket gate of the West Exit of Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Electric Railway.
The interpreter guide will be holding an Authentrip flag, so please gather where the guide is waiting.
We will then travel to Mt. Oyama via train and bus.
11:00am Lunch Free time to enjoy lunch on the shopping street[Koma Sando]
12:30pm Oyama Afuri Shrine Proceed to the Oyama Afuri Shrine - Shimosha (Lower Shrine) via the Oyama Cable Car.
After visiting the Shimosha, we will set out on our trek to the summit.

*Receive reisui (drinking water) as a free gift.
01:00pm Trekking Enjoy the spectacular view from the summit as well as a visit to the main shrine.
03:30pm Experience of Ukiyoe Enjoy a hands-on experience of multi-colored ukiyoe printing, which is a traditional Japanese art form.

After the hands-on experience, return to Tokyo (Shinjuku) via bus/train.
07:15pm Shinjuku Station The tour is over once we arrive back in Tokyo.

※Please make sure to read 【terms & policies】.
↑Schedule Top
Cancellations and modifications
If you would like to modify details, such as your traveling dates or the number of participants, please cancel your current reservation and make a new one. Cancellations can be made online through “My Page”. Please be aware that a cancellation fee may apply depending on the time of year.

■Cancellation period
[1)Within 60 days of receipt of payment. 2)Up to 8 days before departure]
Cancellation fee:None (free of charge)

[3 days before departure]
Cancellation fee:30% of the total tour fee

[the day before departure 1 day before departure]
Cancellation fee:40% of the total tour fee

[On the departure day On the day]
Cancellation fee:50% of the total tour fee

[After departure or in case of no-show]
Cancellation fee:100% of the total tour fee

Tour operation: regarding the minimum number of participants
Tours may be canceled if the minimum number of travelers is not reached. In that case, an e-mail notifying customers to this effect will be sent up to 12 days before the start of the tour. Full refunds shall be issued for any canceled tours.
Concerning Clothing and Weather Conditions
・This plan includes trekking (mountain climbing).  Please wear clothing that allows for ease of movement and sneakers or  climbing shoes on the day of the tour. ・This tour may be canceled due to heavy rainfall or other poor weather  conditions.In the event that the tour is canceled, tour fees will be refunded  at a later date minus a cancellation fee.

2018-07-02 10:17:22
Trekking at Mt.Oyama

We needed a break from the craziness of Tokyo so we took the trekking tour to Mt. Oyama. It was great. I wanted to do something creative too so I made a little wood block piece of art that is all my own! I’ll always remember making it with the very patient art sensei. This tour was an awesome way to get our own little mountain retreat.

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Trekking, Traditions and Scenery (Day Trip to Mt. Oyama)

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