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400 Years Back in Time! (Day Trip to Tsushima)

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Tsushima – jinja Shrine
Tsushima – jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine at the head of a national network of around 3,000 shrines dedicated to the deity Gozu-Tenno.
Believed to protect from epidemics and other calamities, many people still travel from various faraway places to visit this shrine even today.
It has a long history, and famous samurai from the past worshipped faithfully at this shrine, including Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and the branch of the ruling Tokugawa house that controlled the Owari area. The 2-storey gate located within the shrine complex is said to have been donated by the samurai Toyotomi himself. Come and visit this shrine and get a sense of the history of Japan!

*Those who wish to can take part in a prayer session.
(This may not always be possible, depending on availability. Furthermore, a separate fee is charged for this experience, starting from ¥6,000 for a family.)
(If you wish to take part, please contact your guide or Authentrip in advance.)

Old Hotta’s House
Enjoy the characteristic architecture of this building, a style that was prominent in the Edo period (1603-1868). You can imagine what it was like to live in old Japan as you view the tatami-matted hall, authentic teahouse, and old-fashioned kitchen. The site provides many opportunities to snap great photos of typically Japanese scenes. Visitors are also afforded the rare chance to see a palanquin up close (a type of human-powered transport in which a passenger is carried in a box-shaped vehicle). Don't miss this opportunity to experience what life was like in Edo-period Japan.

Tsushima Townscape
An area where you can enjoy streets lined with old, traditional stores and houses. This is not an area that has been specifically created for tourists. It is actually a place where people still live to this day, and you can enjoy this authentic slice of Japan where the residents continue to preserve their traditional way of life. We can change our route according to everyone's interests, such as architecture, culture, or Japanese cuisine, so you can enjoy the things that you want to see and do the most! You can also try Japanese confectioneries as you stroll around, so you're sure to have an enjoyable time.

Recommended Plan Of Tsushima Townscape
Kannonji Temple→Hosenji Temple→KIKYOYA[Shopping]→Old Hotta’s House→Tsushima jinja Shrine→Hojuin Temple→The Tall Gingko Tree→MIKIYA[Shopping]→Ungoji Temple→Joshinbo Temple→KOJIYA[Shopping]

Matcha Green Tea Experience
You can experience the wonders of Matcha green tea, one of the aspects of traditional Japanese culture. You're sure to be captivated by the sublime combination of the Matcha green tea and sweet Japanese confections. Enjoy this experience as you take a brief rest after walking. You can also learn about the history of Matcha green tea, and have a go at making the tea yourself.

Wisteria Trellises
The best time in the year to see the wisteria is from late April to early May. There are 12 different kinds of wisteria for you to appreciate. The sweet fragrance of the flowers and the way they sway in the breeze are sure to leave a lasting impression. We will show you astonishingly beautiful scenery like you've never seen before.

*There may be times when the wisteria still hasn't bloomed, depending on the weather.
*The time to see them is from late April to early May.
*The route might be changed during busy periods.

Available to Book Throughout the year

Price Per Person(Adults)
12,000 JPY
Tour Operating
Everyday except Monday
Minimum number of participants
1 Persons
Tour Start Point
JR Nagoya Station

* Price for one Adults
(prices as seen on our booking sites. If you book through other services, the price may vary)

*What’s Included
・English Speaking Guide
・Presents For Enjoying Your Trip
・Special Experience Of Tea Ceremony
・Admission Fee

Booking Deadline
10 days before the tour starts
About Cancellations
Tour Operated by

*Please note that tour itineraries may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Tour Start Point
JR Nagoya Station
How to get to the Tour Start Point
[Train Station]
Please gather in front of the central ticket gate of JR Nagoya Station .
・From JR Tokyo Station - approx. 2min by Shinkansen
・From Kyoto - approx. 0.5hrs by Shinkansen
・From Narita Airport - approx. 3hrs by JR and Shinkansen
・From Chubu Centrair International Airport - approx. 0.5 hrs by Meitetsu train
・From Kansai International Airport - approx. 2.5 hrs by JR and Shinkansen
Tour Start Time
Tour End Point
Nagoya Station of Meitetsu
Time Required
Approx 6.5hrs


Tour Plan

Tour Plan

Day 1
11:00am Meet at Nagoya Station of JR Meet in front of the central ticket gate of JR Nagoya Station .
The interpreter guide will be holding an Authentrip flag, so please gather where the guide is waiting.
Travel to Tsushima by train.
12:00pm Lunch Free time to eat lunch near the station.
01:00pm Walk around the old streets Walk around the old streets with the guide.
See mainly temples, tourist attractions, and spots where you can get a sense of the history.
Depending on your preferences, we can change the locations that we guide you to, and we can recommend locations where you can see wonderful scenery depending on the season.

* You can also experience saying a prayer.
(Only available if there is a vacancy to make a reservation. If you would like to do so, please contact the guide on the day)
04:00pm Experience of tea ceremony Please enjoy a matcha and Japanese sweets experience.
05:30pm Nagoya Station Take the train bound for Nagoya.
The tour ends on arrival.

※Please make sure to read 【terms & policies】.
↑Schedule Top
Cancellations and modifications
If you would like to modify details, such as your traveling dates or the number of participants, please cancel your current reservation and make a new one. Cancellations can be made online through “My Page”. Please be aware that a cancellation fee may apply depending on the time of year.

■Cancellation period
[1)Within 60 days of receipt of payment. 2)Up to 8 days before departure]
Cancellation fee:None (free of charge)

[3 days before departure]
Cancellation fee:30% of the total tour fee

[the day before departure 1 day before departure]
Cancellation fee:40% of the total tour fee

[On the departure day On the day]
Cancellation fee:50% of the total tour fee

[After departure or in case of no-show]
Cancellation fee:100% of the total tour fee

Tour operation: regarding the minimum number of participants
Tours may be canceled if the minimum number of travelers is not reached. In that case, an e-mail notifying customers to this effect will be sent up to 12 days before the start of the tour. Full refunds shall be issued for any canceled tours.

2018-08-09 14:20:33
Didn’t know all this history was close to Nagoya

This was a great little day trip. We had two days in Nagoya and needed something fun and cultural to do. Tsushima was the perfect place for us. We went in May so the wisteria were blooming. It was so nice to chill underneath the flowers for a little while. I hope we can go to the Tenno festival someday. I want to take some photos of the festival in the river!

Our Expert on This Area

Tsushima has been a bustling inland port since the days of Oda Nobunaga. We’re just thirty minutes from Nagoya so we’re easy to get to. The matcha green tea culture and old fashioned houses from long ago are still here today. Our UNESCO-registered festival has been taking place for around six hundred years. We hope you can come see the festival and experience Japanese culture from long ago here in Tsushima.

400 Years Back in Time! (Day Trip to Tsushima)

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