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Unforgettable Experiences in Western Japan (9 Nights)

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Amanosan Kongou-ji
Built during Japan’s Tempyo era (729_749), Amanosan Kongou-ji Temple boasts four national treasures, along with many designated important cultural properties including the Romon Gate, Kondo Main Hall, and the architectural wonder of the temple’s two-storied pagoda. A far cry from the swarms of tourists as seen in Kyoto and Nara, the Kongou-ji Temple is a peaceful natural paradise where one can relax and unwind. The temple’s inner garden boasts an abundance of flora and greenery where one can forget the troubles of everyday life by looking out upon the green moss lawn.

Sudare Museum
Facing the Kongou-ji Temple, the Sudare Museum is an establishment which introduces guests into the world of the Sudare bamboo blinds, exhibiting an array of materials regarding the long history, culture and manufacturing process of one of Japan’s traditional crafts passed down generation to generation since 794 A.D. Opened in 2004, Japanese sudare as featured in Matsumoto-jo Castle, Nagano Prefecture, are displayed within this exhibition along with other traditional wooden blinds originating from China and Korea. The Sudare Weaving Experience is a definite must-try for those wanting to learn more about this traditional craft!

Meeting a Maiko (Geisha Apprentice)
This tour includes a once in a lifetime chance to spend time in the presence of a geisha’s apprentice. They are called maiko and they undergo strict training in traditional Japanese arts such as music, communication skills, and dance. Even people who live in Kyoto rarely get a chance to see a real maiko. This is your chance to meet one and hear her charming Kyoto dialect. Would you like to see a maiko perform a traditional dance as you enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine? You can even take pictures with her to remember your experience.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine
This is the head shrine of the 30,000 Inari shrines nationwide. It has wonderful buildings, and is dedicated to the god of business prosperity. It is famous for the many red-colored torii gates along the approach path, of which there are about 10,000. The number has increased so much because the torii are dedicated by people as a sign of their gratitude that their wishes will be 'passed'. The avenue of torii is recommended for those who want to take photos that say, 'Now this is Kyoto! This is Japan!' You too can pay to build your own torii. If you are interested, please contact Authentrip.

National Bihoku Hillside Park (Hiba no Sato)
This is a park that recreates life as it was around the 1950s, a rarity in Japan. As you take a step into the area known as Hiba no Sato, the rural scenery spreads before you, there is a water mill, a house with a thatched roof, and you get the feeling of having got back in time to old Japan. In the house there is a large cooking stove that can actually be used, and what’s more in the back craftworkers are making things using straw. It’s a sight to see, as each piece of straw is expertly woven, until it ends up as a pair of sandals!

Found in the city of Shobara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Onbashi is a natural bridge, formed hundreds of thousands of years ago, consisting of a form of corroded limestone called karst. It is one of Japan’s registered natural monuments. With a height of 40 meters and width of 19 meters, Onbashi is one of the world’s three largest natural bridges, along with Virginia’s Natural Bridge, and the Prebischtor in the Bohemian Switzerland region of the Czech Republic.
Adding to the fun of a visit to Onbashi is the landmark’s almost mystical appearance, which varies depending on whether you’re viewing it from upstream or downstream. When viewed from upstream (passing beneath the bridge), there’s a spot in the middle of Onbashi that, when the sunlight hits just right, looks like a face. Be sure to try for yourself and see if, as the legend goes, “Those who see the face of a demon will find happiness.” The path to Onbashi is level, making it an easily accessible destination even for those traveling with children.

Established by Empress Suiko in the year 593, the World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine is located on Miyajima in Hiroshima Bay. The entire island is believed to be sacred, and there was even a time in the past when people were prohibited from entering.
Unlike the similarly 'floating' Mont Saint-Michel, high tide and low tide occurs twice a day.
In order to fully enjoy the changing appearance of Itsukushima Shrine through the rising and ebbing tides, we recommend an overnight stay in Miyajima.

Available to Book Throughout the year

Price Per Person(Adults)
330,000 JPY
Tour Operating
April~ November (Only Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday)
Minimum number of participants
2 Persons
Tour Start Point

* Price for one Adults
(prices as seen on our booking sites. If you book through other services, the price may vary)

*What’s Included

・An ICOCA prepaid travel card charged with 10,000 yen. You can use this travel card for easy travel on city buses and subways and on highway buses between Hiroshima and Shobara.
・Private taxi in Kyoto and in the hidden gem of Shobara!
・Expert tour guide covering Koya Kaido, Nara and Miyajima.
・Breakfast every morning of the tour.
・Two dinners made with the finest local specialties.
・All accommodation in well-appointed hotels and traditional ryokans.
・Natural hot springs bathing experience.
・Three lunches - spectacularly presented traditional meals in the authentic Japanese style.
・Traditionally served green tea experience while looking out at an incredible Japanese style garden.
・Experiences of treasured culture and handicrafts.
・Unmissable opportunity to meet a real life maiko, a geisha’s apprentice.
・Outdoor experience for nature lovers.
・Sightseeing at an unforgettable World Heritage Site.

※Our tour guide normally conducts tours in English. If you would like to request a tour guide for another language such as French, German or Chinese, please feel free to contact us.

Booking Deadline
10 days before the tour starts
About Cancellations
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*Please note that tour itineraries may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Tour Start Point
Nankai Namba Station
How to get to the Tour Start Point
[Train Station] Nankai Namba Station
・From Tokyo - approx. 2.5 hrs by Shinkansen
・From Kyoto - approx. 1 hrs by Train
・From Nara - approx. 1 hrs by Train
Tour Start Time
Tour End Point
Time Required
9 nights 10days


Tour Plan

Tour Plan

Day 1
09:15 Departure After meeting up with our guide, it’s time to take the Nankai train and head out on our spectacular journey, starting with Koyasan.
10:10 Koya Kaido Near Kawachi Nagano Station, four main roads from Osaka and Kyoto converge into one and become the Koya Kaido. This is the pilgrimage route leading to the sacred ground of Koyasan.

It is pleasant to walk the streets of this area and see sights which have remained unchanged for centuries such as Eboshigata Hachiman Shrine or Nagano Shrine. Nagano Shrine is registered as a national important cultural property. With so many places staying the same as they have always been, you will feel like you are walking in the footsteps of the pilgrims.
11:30 Lunch Time for lunch in a Michelin Guide featured restaurant! This is for lovers of Gourmet Japan!
14:00 Amanosan Kongō-ji Temple Amanosan Kongō-ji Temple was built in the reign of Emperor Shomu between 729 and 749 CE. The temple houses four national treasures and registered important cultural properties. Flowers surround the temple’s grounds. The temple is a perfect place to enjoy some tea as you gaze at the moss-covered garden.
15:00 Sudare blinds craft experience Sudare blinds are an indispensable feature in Japanese interior design. Learn about the history of sudare blinds and try making your own blinds too!
17:00 Amami Hot Springs Your accommodation for the night is in an elegant and refined hotel which is listed as an important cultural property. Take a stroll through the gardens and feel at home in your room and in the natural hot spring baths. This is a luxurious place to spend time and relax.
Day 2
10:15 Koyasan A premier location for those who want to see the spiritual side of Japan. There are great sights to see such as the Danjo Garan temple complex with its majestic pagoda and the gravestones and tall trees of Okunoin. Take some pictures and collect some calligraphy and red stamps in a notebook like Japanese visitors to special places do. If you are lucky, you might see Buddhist monks going about their daily duties around the various temples of Koyasan.
16:00 Departure for Kyoto The Nankai train will bring you from Koyasan back to Osaka. Then it's time to continue on to Kyoto. Enjoy the old-fashioned scenes around Gion and other districts. You can spend the evening any way you would like.
Day 3
09:00 Meet Taxi Driver A taxi driver holding a white Authentrip flag will be waiting for you in front of your accommodation.
10:00 Fushimi Inari Shrine The uncountable red torii gates form a tunnel. What a sight! This shrine is definitely on a lot of people's bucket lists. It is even recommended in the Michelin Guide.

There is a special stone lantern in the grounds of the shrine. The head of this stone lantern is called Omokaru Ishi. After you make a wish at the stone lantern, try lifting the top part of the lantern. If it’s heavier than you thought, your wish will not come true. But, if it’s lighter than you thought, your wish will come true.
12:00 Traditional Restaurant What better way to enjoy Kyo-Ryori (Kyoto's celebrated local cuisine) than in an atmospheric, calm restaurant? And to make things even more memorable and more Kyoto-esque, a maiko will perform a traditional dance. This geisha's apprentice will come from her tea house to perform. Please feel free to take pictures. This is definitely a Grade A Kyoto experience!
14:00 Old Fashioned Ambiance of Fushimi This area is famous for delicious sake. The Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum is famous for its easy to drink sake. Please try some after you visit the museum. The Teradaya district is recommended for history buffs, especially those familiar with Shinsengumi police force active in the nineteenth century.
15:00 Jikkoku-bune Boat Ride This old-fashioned boat will take you along the river the old-fashioned way! You can admire the contrast of the rows of houses and the natural beauty through all four seasons.
16:30 Evening in Kyoto City Head back to your hotel, Kyoto Station or Gion.
Day 4
Your Day in Kyoto Please spend the day taking in Kyoto’s sights as you see fit! We recommended places like Kiyomizu-dera Temple, the Golden Temple Pavillion of Kinkaku-ji and Arashiyama.
Day 5
Sights of Nara Your tour guide will meet you at your accommodation. From one ancient capital, we head to another. This time we’re going to Nara. Our guide will show you the wealth of temples, shrines and world heritage sites found in Nara like Todai-ji Temple and its famous Giant Buddha Statue.

You will get a real hands on cultural, historical experience as you get exclusive access to a professional calligraphy class and a tea ceremony chashitsu room.
Day 6
09:17 JR Shin-Osaka Station Shinkansen Train Sakura 549 to Hiroshima Station
11:30 Hiroshima City After dropping luggage at the hotel, please feel free to take in the sights of Hiroshima City. There are must-see locations like Hiroshima Castle, the Peace Memorial Museum and the Atomic Bomb Dome. We recommend trying some Hiroshima specialties like Okonomiyaki and oysters while walking in the evening.
Day 7
09:00 Hiroshima Bus Center A bus will take you from Hiroshima Bus Center to the quintessentially Japanese area of Shobara. A taxi driver holding a white Authentrip flag will be waiting for you at Shobara Bus Center.
11:00 Bihoku Hillside Park This tranquil park covers an extensive area and is full of flowers blooming throughout each season. At Hiba no Sato, you can experience what life was like long ago in Japan. There are houses with thatched rooves in this little village. Try the all natural seasonal drinks there.
13:45 Onbashi Rock Bridge This is the third largest natural bridge in the world. A giant rock bridge surrounded by nature – this is definitely worth seeing! The forest around this area might remind you of the movie Princess Mononoke. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes for this hike. For those who are interested, we can show you the Shirakumo limestone caves nearby.
16:00 ATV Quad Biking A lively way of seeing one of Japan’s one hundred most famous views – take in the magnificent nature of Taishakukyo Gorge. ATV stands for all terrain vehicle – and that includes the slopes and rocks in the river. These quads are front wheel drive and amphibious. You’ll be able to take in the natural beauty of the gorge from so many different places. Let's go for a ride!
16:45 Shobara Sakura Hot Springs Enjoy your stay at Kanpo no Sato Shobara. The meals which use nourishing ingredients from the countryside and the fourteen kinds of hot spring bath will soothe you! There is even an outdoor bath so you can gaze at the stars as you have a nice soak!

As is tradition in hot spring vacations in Japan, you can enjoy a fun activity in the evening.

Please choose one from the list below (The options you have chosen might not be available, depending on availability).
( Table tennis , Karaoke )
Day 8
09:04 Check Out A bus will take you from the hotel back to Hiroshima City.
13:35 Miyajima After meeting up with our tour guide at Hiroshima Station, please enjoy the spectacular scenery of Miyajima. There is lots to see and do (and eat!) in the shopping streets on the way to Itsukushima Shrine, a famous world heritage site.

Momiji manju are famous in this area. These cakes filled with bean paste are shaped like maple leaves! You can try them grilled or even deep fried and there are some variations with fillings other than the traditional sweet red bean paste. See which ones you can find!

With the incredible torii shrine gate standing in the sea as your background, take some photos to remember your trip. One of the many deer who roam the island might want to be in the picture too!
Day 9
09:54 Depart from Hiroshima Station The Shinkansen Train Sakura 542 will bring you from Hiroshima Station to Shin-Osaka Station. You can leave your bags at the hotel before you explore Osaka. We recommend checking out Osaka Castle or the Sky Building. Or you could go searching for delicious Osaka gourmet treats and gifts.
Day 10
10:00 Check Out This tour finishes when you check out of your hotel. You may want to explore Osaka further or continue on Tokyo or another destination. Japan sure has a lot of spectacular things to see and do, don’t you think! Safe travels!

※Please make sure to read our [terms & policies]
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If you would like to modify details, such as your traveling dates or the number of participants, please cancel your current reservation and make a new one. Cancellations can be made online through “My Page”. Please be aware that a cancellation fee may apply depending on the time of year.

■Cancellation period
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Cancellation fee:None (free of charge)

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About taxi drivers and sightseeing・Concerning your luggage ・For your convenience, we have arranged for taxis and mini-vans to allow you the comfort of traveling without being preoccupied about handling your luggage. Taxis will be available regardless of the number of participants however, due to space limitations, we ask you to inform us should you be traveling with more than 3 pieces per person (additional costs may incur). To respect your privacy, we work exclusively with experienced drivers who can only speak Japanese. For necessary information, we have prepared a separate document with useful phrases in English and other foreign languages.

・During the tour, large items such as suitcases and duffle bags will be kept in the trunk of the taxis. When getting on and off, please feel free to request access to your belongings from the driver at any time. However, we ask that you keep any valuable and fragile items as well as perishable food items with you at all times. Please acknowledge that we are not liable for any damages to your luggage in the event of an accident during transportation. We do not take responsibility for the damage, loss or theft of items due to negligence of the transportation company or its employees.
For customers joining tours during the winter period・Tattoo Warning
・Over the winter season (December to March), it is not uncommon to see snow in Japan. Please understand that weather-related changes in the road conditions will also impact the tour schedule. If you need to catch a train or a flight to another city at the end of the tour, we advise you to give yourself extra time to work around any potential delays.

・Be warned that if you have any tattoo, you may not be allowed to enter a public onsen or sento. If your tattoo is small enough to cover with Band-Aid and you will have no problem. Please ask the staff at the front desk, if you can go in despite your tattoo. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.
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・Please note that any extensions to the length of stay will incur additional charges.
・Additional charges are generally paid on the day, in cash, to the taxi driver.
・Tourist spots may sometimes need to be changed, or the length of travel time required may be different due to traffic conditions, etc. Please note that additional charges may be applicable if the arrival time is later than the end time specified in the itinerary.

2018-08-09 14:31:17
Dreams coming true in the Kansai area

I got two things crossed off my bucket list on this tour! Always been a dream to see the red gates at Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine and Koyasan. That covers the two major religions in Japan, I think. I think my favorite part of the tour was riding around Taishaku Gorge on an ATV. It was a blast.

Our Expert on This Area

Mr.Hiromichi Kumamoto from Shobara City Tourism Association (about Onbashi Bridge)

If I were to put Shobara’s charms in as few words as possible, I’d say it’s a place rich in nature. By that I mean, the people in Shobara all love flowers, they love greenery, they really love that about Shobara. Onbashi is a famous place that just about everyone around here has been to. It’s treasured, as a place that we can boast about to the world. Shobara has other places that are full of that ancient mystery and romance. By all means, please come and visit Shobara.

Mr. Shimomori from National Bihoku Hill Park (Hiba no Sato)

It has been four years since I started working at the National Bihoku Hill Park. What I love about it is that it is a place filled with nature. In order to be able to attract as many customers as possible, we have put in various efforts such as transplanting mountain plants into the park, or planting daffodils in a slanted position such that they all face the same direction. At the Hiba no Sato where we have attempted to reproduce the village forests of Japan, seasonal drinks such as perilla leaf juices in summer and sweet sake (alcoholic drink made from fermented rice) in winter are sold. Please come and visit us at the National Bihoku Hill Park that is abundant with nature and flowers!

Unforgettable Experiences in Western Japan (9 Nights)

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