Scenery of West Izu & Geisha Style Performance (2N3D)

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Course combining the rich history of Atami hot springs resort town with the breathtaking scenery in the Izu peninsula region.

Trip HighLights

  • Two nights accommodation.
  • Mix of self-guided activities and guided tours
  • Two breakfasts and two dinners included
  • Itinerary designed to introduce lesser known region within easy reach of Tokyo area.

Quick Itinerary

  Day One

9:00  JR Atami Station  Meet tour guide

Your guide will welcome you to the charming hot springs town of Atami. You will walk to a bus stop together.
  Travel by taxi with guide.  
9:15   MOA Museum of Art   
11:00  Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo  You will watch a practice session of the Atami Geigi-shu in a local theater.

This theater is a key part of the community here in Atami.
  Train to next location.  
Lunch  Local Specialty Tofu  The taste is prized because it uses local spring water.
14:00   Spring Water of the River Kakitagawa   
15:30  Numazu Goyotei  A Former Imperial Villa
17:00  BreezBay Hotel (or similar)  Check in to accommodation. Dinner included. Enjoy the various different kinds of hot spring baths on offer.
Meals Included: Lunch ☑ Dinner ☑


  Day Two

9:00 Sightseeing Taxi will collect you from accommodation.  This part of the course is self guided.
10:00  Koganezaki Park  Famous views of the pacific coast and, weather permitting, Mt. Fuji!
11:00 A Stroll Around Matsuzaki to See Old Fashioned Architecture  
  Free time for lunch  
14:30  Cape Irōzaki  Where the sea crashes into the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula.  
15:30  Ryugu-Kutsu  Where the sea crashes into the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula.  
16:30 Accommodation: Shimoda Yamatokan (or similar) Check in and enjoy the views of the ocean and splendid dinner.
Meals Included: Breakfast ☑ Dinner ☑

  Day Three

9:00 Sightseeing Taxi will collect you from accommodation. Self guided tour course.  
9:10  Murakami Gassho-zukuri Mingeikan   
10:00   Perry Road   
10:45   Shirahama Shrine  Over two millennia of Japanese Shinto history in this ground.
13:30  Jogasaki Coast  Impressive coastal views and a fun bridge to cross for the thrill seekers.
15:00 Tour Ends at Ito Station.  
Meals Included: Breakfast ☑

Access Information

Tour Start Point Atami Station
Tour Start Point Map
How to get to the Tour Start Point From Tokyo:
About an hour and forty minutes on the Kodama Shinkansen Bullet Train.
Tour End Point Ito Station
Tour End Point Map
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MOA Museum of Art

MOA Museum of Art

Commanding a spectacular view of Sagami Bay, this museum is home to a wealth of artistically and historically important pieces. The view from MOA’s main lobby takes in the islands of Hatsushima and Izu Oshima.

Dance Performance at Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo

Dance Performance at Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo

The Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo is where Atami’s own Geigi-shu, a group of traditional entertainers, hone their craft and put on a public performance every Saturday and Sunday. Their public performance is the real deal. A dance called Hana no Mai. It means the Dance of the Flowers. Geigi and geisha are related words and there may be some similarities between this dance in Atami and the famous geisha who entertain guests in the traditional way in Kyoto.

The dance is a charming one and moves to the accompaniment of three-stringed Japanese shamisens. The Geigi dance from long ago and the old fashioned vibe of Atami and its hot spring resort town atmosphere will take you back in time.

Koganezaki Park – The Golden Cape

Koganezaki Park – The Golden Cape

The name of this location translates to Golden Cape because of the beautiful color of the cliffs when the sunlight touches them.

Visitors looking for a shot of Mt. Fuji or the beautiful blue of the Pacific come here and, weather permitting, they can see both together.

A Stroll Around Matsuzaki to See Old Fashioned Architecture

A Stroll Around Matsuzaki to See Old Fashioned Architecture

At the quaint town of Matsuzaki, you will have a chance to see a charming old merchant’s house called Nakase-tei. This house thrived as part of the textiles industry during the 19th century and is an excellent example of a namako-kabe style building. The word namako-kabe refers to the walls striking latticed pattern created by the dark tiles and white plaster. The pattern created reminded people of a kind of sea cucumber called a namako.

Other fine examples of these distinctive patterned tiles can be found at a house called Izu Buntei, the Izu Chohachi Art Museum and the National Cultural Heritage Site at the Iwashina School.

Cape Irōzaki - Coast formed by volcanic activity

Cape Irōzaki - Coast formed by volcanic activity

Part of the fine scenery of the Izu region is the Irozaki Peninsula. There is an observation area from Oku-Irozaki which gives the very best views of the jagged coast where the land juts out into the beautiful Pacific.

Ryugu-Kutsu – A Spectacular Sea Cave

Ryugu-Kutsu – A Spectacular Sea Cave

A cavern formed when the roof of a marine cave crumbled leaving an opening of 50 meters or over 150 feet. The mysterious sea cave can be observed from different vantage points. Ryugu-Kutsu’s name means the Palace of the Dragon King.

Murakami Gassho-zukuri Mingeikan

Murakami Gassho-zukuri Mingeikan

A chance to see the famous thatched rooves like in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go. This building was relocated from Shirakawa-go in the 1960s. It shares the charming architectural style and high, thatched roof of other houses in that famous village and endured the blizzards of the colder Gifu region for 200 years.

Perry Road – Steeped in history

Perry Road – Steeped in history

This walk is named after Matthew Perry.

No, not Chandler.

Commodore Matthew C. Perry, who played a key role in opening Japan up to trade with the United States in the 1850s. A treaty opening trade ports up was signed in this area.

Perry Road is lined with gas lamps and has some old fashioned Western style houses and a pleasant retro feel to it.

Jogasaki Suspension Bridge

Jogasaki Suspension Bridge

About 23 meters or 75 feet above the waves and water of the Jogasaki Coast is a suspension bridge. Thrill seekers will enjoy taking a walk across it as it sways in the wind!

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Mr. Tone of the Atami Geigi Kenban Theater

Mr. Tone of the Atami Geigi Kenban Theater

I started here at the Kenban Theater in 2018 having completed my time working in an Atami ryokan inn.

Atami is a fantastic place for visitors because of its wealth of hot springs and flowers which they can enjoy throughout the seasons.

Every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00am, we have a public performance of the Hana no Mai dance. Hana no Mai means Flower Dance. The show lasts for about half an hour and is a magnificent affair. The troupe dances in full costume. The costumes and the stage decorations change every month to match the theme of the season.

By all means, please come along at least once to see this great Atami show for yourself.

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