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The town of Fukiya in Okayama Prefecture prospered thanks to the copper mines in the area. It became a key center of production of a vermillion pigment called bengara. Fukiya has a very striking appearance because the buildings are all painted in this Bengal shade of red. This trip also takes in an incredible castle situated high in the hills and a charming town where each shopfront is adorned with a traditional noren-style curtain.

Trip HighLights

  • Charming red buildings and quaint streets
  • Bengara pigment craft experience
  • One dinner, one breakfast and two lunches included
  • Traditional accommodation

Quick Itinerary

Day One
10:00 Bitchu-Takahashi Station Meet driver
   A Castle in the Sky  Bitchu Matsuyama Castle - The castle keep is the highest in all of Japan.
Lunch  Eleven Village  Great little spot to get a taste of organic life in Fukiya.
   Fukiya Furusato Village  Old fashioned town with striking red colored buildings and a charming atmosphere.
14:00  Shimomachi Furatto – The Fukiya Visitors Center  Call in to the visitors center to learn about a key product in Fukiya’s history – the Bengara pigment. 
15:40  Moto-Nakada Mansion Kurayashiki
(or similar)
Check in to accommodation and enjoy some fine local cuisine.
  Meals Included on Day One: Lunch ☑ Dinner ☑

Day Two
11:10  Maki-do Caves  A limestone cavern with an underground lake – its temperature stays constant throughout the year.
Lunch  Nishigura 

Delicious lunch in a restaurant built in a former sake brewery. 
   Noren Kaido 

Here, the tradition of hanging a noren shop front curtain lives on. Many have contemporary designs for a new take on the custom.
16:00  Okayama Station   Tour Ends at Okayama Station.
  Meals Included on Day Two: Breakfast ☑ Lunch ☑

Access Information

Tour Start Point Bitchu-Takahashi Station
Tour Start Point Map
How to get to the Tour Start Point By train:
About thirty-five minutes on the JR Limited Express Yakumo.
Tour End Point Okayama Station
Tour End Point Map
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A Castle in the Sky

A Castle in the Sky

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is Japan’s highest castle. It is over 400 meters or 1,400 feet above sea level.   It is sometimes covered with mist early in the morning so it looks like it is floating in the air.

Eleven Village

Eleven Village

This guest house was established to help visitors experience organic life.

The guest house offers a chance to try wood cutting and cooking in an old fashioned Japanese stove.

Lunch is Obanzai Kyoto cuisine – a kind of comfort food that uses the freshest in-season vegetables.

Fukiya Furusato Village

Fukiya Furusato Village

The word furusato in Japanese evokes images of one’s hometown, a historic village or an old fashioned village. Fukiya is truly a place where you feel like you have gone back in time. It also has a friendly atmosphere. Maybe it will feel like home when you visit its red buildings and quaint streets.

The village is about 500 meters or 1,800 feet above sea level.

Visitors will probably notice right away that the rows of buildings are painted red. The village boomed because of the nearby copper mines and as a center of the production of bengara pigment. The evidence of its former glory can be seen in the stylish buildings which line the street.

Shimomachi Furatto – The Fukiya Visitors Center

This friendly visitor center is great to take a little look around in. Visitors can get a hands on idea of how the Bengara pigment was produced. A water wheel completes the picture and transports guests back to the feel of the Meiji Era of the 19th Century.

A mini craft experience to see the power of the Bengara pigment is included in this trip. Guests can try their hand at dyeing a handkerchief using the iconic vermilion pigment themselves!

Moto-Nakada Mansion Kurayashiki

Moto-Nakada Mansion Kurayashiki

This stately building was built in the late 19th Century and may remind guests of a sake brewery. It is a perfect place to relax after a day of exploring.

Guests can relax around the traditional irori style hearth and try some of the fine local cuisine on offer.

Makido Stalactite Cave

Makido Stalactite Cave

This cave was visited by the literary figures Tekkan and Akiko Yosano. Ever since it has been called Makido – a cave filled with magic.

Okayama Prefecture designated this site a Natural Monument in the 1950s. It is a limestone cave formed by the rushing water of the Takahashi River. It is a popular spot because of its many stalagmites and stalactites.

Noren Kaido

Noren Kaido

Time to take a look around the streets of Noren Kaido. This quiet area is notable for its many noren curtains on shop fronts. The tradition of hanging noren curtains over store fronts is centuries old but the designs found here are unique to each store and very stylish.

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